🤔 An Important Question To Ponder… Are You Creating or Are You Consuming?

An early mentor of mine asked this central question in the headline above.  This one question was a fundamental ‘pivot point’ in my life.

Altering the lens that I look at life (so nothing major) 😉.

So I offer you the same question Are you creating or consuming, in all aspects of your life?

Let’s use a real-world example and one that may be very familiar…


When you dive into the book of faces, do you;

#1 Endless fall into the scroll hole, mindlessly swiping up not sure what you are looking for, just looking, and you can start to feel your anxiety/boredom build?


#2 Do you create and post an inspiring article, video, picture, or piece of content that can help brighten someone’s day?

Same activity, logging into Facebook

A completely different experience, intention, feeling, and end result.

A-B-C – Always Be Creating!

Creativity is a muscle. You need to use it or lose it.

Think about it: create and write 300 words a day. In a year you have a book. In three short years, three books.

One video a week. In a year, you’d have a YouTube channel amongst the elite.

One picture a day. Within a couple of years, you’ll be a better photographer.  Plus, when you post your photos on Facebook/Instagram, tell a story, this will also improve your writing and storytelling abilities.

There’s a new you living outside of your comfort zone. Creativity is the bridge from our daily life to a life of mastery, growth, and impact.

For a third time, I ask… Are you creating, or are you consuming?

I have two large whiteboards and a flip chart in my office and continually create lists, exercising my creativity muscle

Below is a picture of a recent ‘chicken scratch’ creative brainstorm session, where I asked the question: “How can I serve, and what opportunities are available”?

From this creative session, the Real Estate Investors Success Package was born

There’s a reason I created the Real Estate Investors Success Package.

A very good reason.

I was fed up with all the ‘noise,’ confusion, having to ‘hunt and peck’ to find all the relevant information and figure it out on my own.

I totally had it…

Facebook has become a complete ‘dumpster fire.’

I was sick and tired of all the shouting, finger-pointing, blame-throwing, fear-mongering, and sensationalism.

I’m sure this is how you are feeling

Yah, you get it…

Yes, there are a bunch of challenges in the world right now, but forwarding another angry post on Facebook isn’t going to solve them, and it definitely won’t help your tenants pay their rents on the 1st of the month.

Needed are tools, resources, strategies, and implementation… not more hype, hyperbole, and conspiracy theories.

Which is why I put together all the tools and resources within the Real Estate Investor Success Package, and you still have the chance to get access to these materials at no cost.

Another example, a brand new bonus training program was just recently added.

I believe the strategies of Seller financing, when implemented correctly, will become more popular in the future.

Which is why I added a bonus presentation, The $725K Vendor Take-Back Case Study.  A tactical how-to training on how to find, negotiate, and close on vendor-take back mortgages.

I know some people charge hundreds of dollars for this one training alone, and we have included all the details for you at no cost.

You will have to register, create an account, log-in, and go through the materials.

Tools & resources and opportunities are available, but you need to take the first step.

Until next time… have a creative day.

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love


Are You Creating or Are You Consuming?

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