Are You a Thermometer or Thermostat…

In case you might be asking yourself, a thermometer reacts to the temperature in an environment and responds to what is happening around it. In other words, this is a simple gauge with one purpose.

However, in a metaphorical sense, this could also pertain to us humans and times when a person is subjected to unusual or unpleasant conditions. With this in mind, when you think of certain scenarios, maybe there were times in which you might have been a thermometer?

Taking Steps to Control the Environment

Perhaps you were faced with a situation engulfed with anxiety, gossip, stress or possibly a person losing their temper. Inevitably, you feel the weight of these feelings in this kind of situation and reactive the “temperature” in your immediate environment.

Conversely, a thermostat is in control of the environment. It sets the standard and regulates a desired temperature in the room. The thermostat is a multi-functioning device which monitors the environment and corrects the situation should the need arise.

If we compare a thermostat to an individual, we can understand that this person is able to regulate their feelings in most situations. For example, in times of stress, burnout or sadness, this person is capable of taking time to keep perspective in the face of adversity. Similarly, if they feel somewhat tired, demotivated or uninspired, they can take the necessary steps to reverse and rectify their given situation.

It begs the question; are you a thermometer or a thermostat?

Are You Reactive or Proactive?

When it comes to the difference between the two above, we can even consider the contrast between the terms reactive and proactive. While a thermostat can be regarded as both reactive and proactive, the ability of this object to respond constructively is admirable, and this is also true when it comes to people.

After all, proactive people do not waste time or resources when dealing with problems. When faced with concern, they seek to engage and look for possible solutions. Proactive people do not let ego influence their decision making and are most often humble enough to recognize their weaknesses.

On the other hand, reactive people tend to be ignorant and inconsiderate at the best of times. When faced with adversity, they are defensive, irrational and even filled with anger. Furthermore, reactive people are often unable to accept blame or fault and yearn for any reason at all to externalize their own fears.

Although we use a metaphor to consider this contrast, the outcome of each path is clear.

Thermometers are reactive and subject to circumstances without any control over the environment. Meanwhile, thermostats are smart enough to adapt to situations and expend energy on creating the desired outcome.

In this sense, we can probably ask a slightly different question; are you a proactive or reactive person, or more importantly, which one would you like to be?

What are your thoughts on this topic? Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?

Please let me know in the comments below…

Here’s an excellent example (Inky Johnson) of someone who is an ultimate Thermostat and no matter what happens, in life, he controls his environment…


I will never let a circumstance or situation define my life.  The process is more important than the product.  Everyday in your life you have someone depending on you.  Impact. Inspire. Empower

~Inky Johnson

Russell Westcott
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Are You a Thermometer or Thermostat?

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