Hey Gang; welcome back to another blog entry, written version.  The Podcast has been taking centre stage of late on blog.  Loving creating brand new content on a weekly basis, and as of the writing of this post there are 34 episodes online, and growing.

Recently I was scanning through Facebook, keeping my finger on the pulse of whats going on, contributing where I can and sharing some insights with my go to Facebook groups.

A Cute Meme…

(below) was posted by my friend Mark Loeffler, thought it would be a good one to add some insights.

My Response:
Love it, thanks! Plus eventually we need to add one further category to the Investment column. Invest in Others
  1. People
  2. Development
  3. Leadership
  4. Help others succeed.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

About 7 responses later the following post arrived:

“Russell Westcott This sounds great and I love it but…. I’ve noticed for quite a while now nobody helps anyone for free at that’s been the case for me.

I’ve noticed stock option coaches or real estate investor coaches, realtors etc they all are so friendly and nice in the beginning initial conversation but once they see you aren’t buying a course or a coaching package they tend to just disappear and stop talking.So most are all about the money and not helping other people.

I would love to connect with more people that want to develop a long lasting relationship and truly grow as friends or business partners etc but I’m not sure if that exists .”

My Response And Insights Below


Add Value First.

Thank you for your patience with this reply, it’s been a long couple of days getting the year-end duties wrapped up and helping out my community. Many things can be said and offered to you on this topic, and I’ll try to keep it short, but this is a deep topic.

There are plenty of resources available to you that do not have any financial investment.  I shutter at thinking of the thousands of dollars and many hundreds of hours in creating and delivering my content on my YouTube channel and Podcast, all at no cost.

You get to tap into decades of experience, wisdom, and connections. Plus, many others have done the same… and much more.

I encourage you to REFRAME and RETHINK what you stated above.

I’d encourage you to think… OFFER VALUE FIRST.

What value are you planning to bring to the stock option coaches or Real estate investor coaches, realtors, etc. you mentioned above?

If you want to connect with more people and develop a long-lasting relationship and grow as friends or business partners, how will you solve their problems? How can you add value, help their mission, and deepen the impact of what they are doing?

A Quick Personal Story…

I was analyzing a larger Real Estate project than I felt comfortable handling and needed some guidance.

I wanted to approach someone I knew who has completed many projects of this size and ask him for help.

Before asking him for help, I came up with a plan to help him and his team. *Side note*; I wish I could have just paid them a consulting fee. That would have been much simpler and less time consuming, but that would not have made a significant impact.

His company was hosting a Real Estate Investing summit; I registered and recommended many others in my network to sign-up. As a starting point, I sent him business and referrals (always a great place to start).

I then went through their website landing pages, registration pages, funnel& email sequences and compiled a list of feedback & rewrites;

  • Subject lines
  • Headline revisions
  • Stronger action bullet points
  • Clearer calls to action… etc.

During the summit, I intensely watched each one of the presenters and compiled a list of valuable feedback;

  • Presentation decks
  • Story frameworks
  • Public speaking insights
  • Audience connection
  • Engagement tips… etc.

I also offered to help him and his team to rework & rehearse their presentations if they planned to do this event again.  The value-added was worth tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, insights, and time savings.

After adding this value, he was very willing to offer some time and help with my project… FYI, the project ended up not working out, but I had a great learning experience.

Plus, we have continued our relationship, becoming good friends. He often comes to me to ‘bounce a couple of ideas’ for things he is thinking about and presentations he is looking to create.

Always Add Value First…

Sorry if this response is a bit long, and I hope this post adds some value to you, and all that take the time to read it.

All the best to you and your family this holiday season.

I hope they take this advice to heart and it helps… perhaps there might be a follow up story to this post, stay tuned.

Russell Westcott
#Inspire # Encourage #Love


Add Value First…

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