Russell Westcott

Husband, Father, Real Estate Entrepreneur, 
Author, Inspirational Public Speaker #JVJedi.

Inspire others, leave people feeling Encouraged, and always come from a place of Love!

Providing Real Estate Investors, like you, with the knowledge and resources to start, grow & scale the Real Estate portfolio of their dreams.

Known by many as the #JVJedi, Russell Westcott is a full-time veteran Canadian-based professional real estate investor, best-selling author, and an inspirational public speaker.

Russell’s presentations have been called passionate, entertaining, educational and inspirational. At his core he is a teacher, a master communicator, and has moved more than 250,000 people with his books, audio programs, presentations, interviews and podcasts.

He has a natural gift and empathy for mentoring other real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and aspiring public speakers.

He has built his first million-dollar real estate portfolio within his first year of taking the leap into real estate investing and continues to build and manage his personal real estate portfolio.

Russell has co-authored 2 best-selling Canadian real estate books; 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors and Joint Ventures: The Canadian Investors Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done.

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A Boy From Small Town

Russell Westcott is a full-time veteran Canadian-based real estate investor, author, inspirational public speaker, devoted husband, and loving father who loves teaching and inspiring others to greatness.

With over 18 years of real estate experience under his belt, he’s no stranger to the industry, an industry that is not only his profession but also his passion. A family man through and through, Russell was first drawn to real estate because of its innate connection with the home.

Buying a home is so much more than just an investment; it’s an emotionally charged decision to do what’s best financially for your family. It’s creating that “home nest” that will provide and keep your family secure for years to come.

Prior to becoming involved with real estate, Russell first honed his marketing and sales skills at Kraft Foods and then as a National Marketing Manager at Dairyland (now Saputo). Word on the street is that he may have even tried to have a professional golf career….

And, true to his Saskatchewan roots, Russell is one of the nicest people you will ever meet (just for fun ask him about his Six Degrees of Saskatchewan theory).

He lives in Coquitlam with his amazing wife and biggest supporter Corinne, their three adorable kids, and his furry sidekick Scooby.

Published Books

Amazing Children

Inspired Audiences

Hair Folicals Lost

My Passion:

Communicate, Entertain & Educate

Once you find your true authentic voice in the world, you will become unsptoppable…

What Fires Russell Up

Inspiring others through innovation, creativity, and challenging the status quo (especially within the real estate industry)

A Day in the Life of Russell

As a full-time Real Estate Investor, Educator, Coach & Mentor, Russell is usually out and about spreading the “gospel”, which is ironic as he labels himself a shy introvert.

When he’s not out shaking hands, delivering inspiring presentation and kissing babies, you may find him hard at work at his desk crafting inspiring presentation& training materials and analyzing his next acquisitions. In a nutshell, Russell is a lean mean fully functioning Real Estate Investing machine!

Weekend Russell

An avid reader, Russell enjoys a good book as often as he can, or when the creative juices are flowing, he enjoys working on his own.

He’s currently hard at work on his passion project, a book titled “Find Your Voice – The Shy Introvert’s Guide to Discovering Your True Authentic Voice”.

When he needs a break from writing, there’s nothing better than a good old fashioned movie marathon. You may also find Russell dreaming of Hawaii, more specifically Maui. The island getaway is his own personal Belize. It’s where he got married and where the happy couple often goes to reconnect.

Russell in 3 Words

Inspirational, heartfelt/caring, and driven

Russell’s 3 Truths

1) Be completely aligned top to bottom with being inspiring and with your calling in life, 2) Always be encouraging to others, 3) Do everything, in your life, from a position of love.

Russell’s 3 Movies

Shawshank Redemption, It’s a Wonderful Life, & Forrest Gump because they are inspiring and leave you feeling like a better person after you watch them.

Inspire, Encourage, Love

Russell is part of the movement encouraging people to do what inspires them to make a measurable impact in other peoples’ lives.  He is an optimist, believing in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

In his spare time, Russell spends his time earning the love and support of his amazing wife and family, reading good books and striving every day to be a better leader in all aspects of his life.

Good afternoon.
My name is Russell.

And I am a Real Estate Investor, and inspirational public speaker. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?”

I could help you cross your yard.

I could help you cross your… porch?

Well, I gotta help you cross something.



My Books on Amazon

Real Estate Joint Ventures: The Canadian Investor’s Guide to Raising Money and Getting Deals Done & 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors 2.0.

A step-by-step guide to attracting all the investment funds you will ever need for your next real estate transaction.

You’ll discover the challenges and pitfalls that investors experience and how to avoid them.  At your fingertips are success strategies to help you become a successful Real Estate Investor.

My Core Values

Russell Westcott
#Inspire #Encourage #Love

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