Haters Gonna Hate…

It’s always an ‘interesting’ process of putting things out into the interwebs.

Had a fun experience a couple of weeks ago.

One of my Facebook posts inviting interested Real Estate investors out to a free web training program, received the following comment…

“A reincarnation of Tom Vu”

If you have been around the Real Estate investing circles for a while you might be familiar with that name.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, only if you have a moment, you may want to Google that name for some entertainment.

Naturally, this person chose not to sign up for the web training program. Ironically, if he was reading the post he at least has an interest in Real Estate investing.

FYI… If this person would have signed up for this webinar he would have experienced:

  • More than 60 minutes of pure educational content- how to bust through the biggest obstacle you face as a Real Estate Investor.
  • Live Q&A to ask any and all his questions- stuck around for another 40 minutes after ‘formal presentation’ to help and support
  • A list of 30+ places to find investors
  • A script & list of questions to help him qualify potential investors
  • A document, vetted by my lawyer, to help protect your interest in a deal
  • An additional 4-part video training program (2+ hours)
  • Stories of Real Estate investor that have started with zero properties and have build portfolios of 100’s of properties.
  • An offer for a further 45 minutes of my time for a Breakthrough consultation session, to help anyone interested in getting unstuck and moving forward.

… and more

Guess he didn’t want the help and support

Guess you can’t help everyone…

Shouldn’t let it bother me. I’m not upset by what he said, I’m more concerned that this person didn’t want to be helped.

Perhaps it was the way the invitation was worded? Something I’ll go back and review.

Sometimes I can get a bit excited and passionate about the message… because I have seen the impact it can have on people lives >> read a couple stories here.

It’s about the impact you have on other people and who you become in the process of impacting peoples’ lives that matters most.

If that means you attract a few haters from time to time… so be it, just part of the process.

To quote the sage wisdom of Taylor Swift (my daughter will be so impressed)

“Haters gonna hate… Shake it off”

Time to help people who want to be helped…

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A Hater Decided To Offer Me His Feedback…

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