Recently I had the honour to be interviewed on my good friend’s podcast Dave Dubeau’s Podcast- Property Profits.

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Russell Westcott is the #JVJedi. He a full-time veteran Canadian-based professional real estate investor, best-selling author, and an inspirational public speaker. He is the founder of Raising Capital Academy which is an online community of passionate action orientated Real Estate investors dedicated to supporting each other.

Russell is part of the movement encouraging people to do what inspires them to make a measurable impact on other peoples’ lives.  Russell is a believer that to imitate one’s success, you should create leaders around you. And to be an expert in a field, it is your primary obligation to teach other people new and substantial knowledge that will have a lasting effect on the student’s life and the community you are building.

In this episode, Russell shares his real estate journey as the #JV and the backstory of how he was introduced to the real estate industry. He also dives deep into the proven real estate strategies that he uses to get sales, the pitfalls of real estate investors, the challenges real estate investors encounter and the ways to overcome it and how to use an “Investor Qualification Script” to qualify people you want to work with.

Topics Covered:

3:47 – How an Oprah Winfrey episode with Robert Kiyosaki open up the real estate opportunity for Russell

5:23 – The Three Pillars of Real Estate Investing that Russell implement to generate sales in real estate

7:02 – The mistakes Russell made that he wanted you to learn from and how to effectively apply the three pillars of real estate

8:33 – Russel describes his ideal tenant and why you also need to identify your ideal customer to be successful in real estate

9:49 – The common mistakes people make in real estate investing that you can refrain from committing and tips on how to be the “perfect investor.”

11:26 – Russell puts an emphasis on why he is teaching people the right way to do real estate

13:07 – What common reasons are stopping you from doing what you need to do and how will you handle it?

15:58 – The Ambulance Conversation: How Russell turned an emergency situation into a real estate conversation, a story that shows how any situation can be an avenue to share your message to the people

19:23 – Russell reveals how using his “Investor Qualification Script” will help you qualify your prospects and steer clear of omissions

Key Takeaways:

“The perfect investor is somebody in between the book ends. Somebody who knows what they are buying. They have a system in place… it’s a marathon distance  at a sprinter’s pace.” – Russell Westcott

“If you teach somebody else something you just learned, you’re reinforcing what you just learned, and you’re potentially inspiring somebody else to learn something new, to elevate their game at the same time.” – Russell Westcott

You will get investors coming to you if you have an intention to help them. If you detach yourself to what you’re going to get from the transaction and what you’re going to get from the deal and detach yourself from the result and your only focus is to help the other person fulfill upon what they want to accomplish, and you participate with them winning – you will have an endless supply of investors lined up at your door.

– Russell Westcott

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Russell Westcott
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A Conversation with JV Jedi- Russell Westcott

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